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Since 2003, Back Trail Outfitters has been making saddle bags for Jeep Wranglers.  They have served Jeep off-road enthusiasts, hunters, fishers, outdoor enthusiasts and urban explorers.  They are built of either durable canvas or extra strong and resilient leather.

All of our Saddle Bags For Jeep Wranglers are original from their conception.  Others have tried to copy them, but do not come even close in quality or in craftsmanship.

Putting our saddle bags in your jeep is analogous to carrying saddle bags on a horse or pack animal.  This traditional practice makes sure one has the gear they need.  It is packed safe and sound.  Your gear is there when you need it.

The canvas can be dusted off or the mud knocked off, and it develops badges of honor and character.  The leather develops badges of honor and character, but with a little leather conditioner it looks refreshed.  Kind of like us cleaning up after a day on the back trails.  We are better off for the wear.


"I installed your Jeep Saddlebags today. They're simply excellent. They look like they should have come with the jeep. Very well done product, they're perfect. Thanks."

Garrett, Victoria, British Columbia

"The bags arrived today and I am VERY PLEASED with them, they look great, fit nicely, double "D" rings work well and the bags hold a surprising amount of gear. You have a happy customer from the UK, Thank you."

Paul, Cheshire, England